These are the four biggest favorites to win the Stanley Cup

BRATISLAVA. “Detroit wins the Stanley Cup for the second time in a row,” said the electrifying commentator at the end of the third third of the fourth NHL final match in June 1998. Detroit Red Wings was at the height of the glory at the time. Their typical red jerseys ruled the NHL two seasons consecutively. In 1997, the strong Philadelphia Flyers led by Eric Lindros.

A year later, they consulted the Washington Capitals, which also brought Peter Bondra to the final. At that time, he was little suspected that it would be the only one for years to succeed in defending NHL leadership.

However, the next year could be repeated.According to overseas betting offices, Los Angeles has a great chance of defending.

But the overseas bookmakers fit Chicago Blackhawks for the overall winner. Up to three betting offices offer the lowest odds of 7: 1 for Marián Hossu.

The second is the last winner in Los Angeles, which averages 9: 1 and 9: 1 respectively. 10: 1. According to, play-off will again be part of the California team, but they have to avoid injuries. Here’s a short list of favorites. Stanley Cup Odds Chicago 7: 1 Chicago 7: 1 LA 9: 1 Bovada: Chicago 7: 1 LA 10: 1 Los Angeles has not weakened

“I hope we will repeat it. When I switched from Columbus to LA, I was very happy.I became part of the winning team who can think of the Stanley Cup year after year, “Marián Gáborík told

The LA leadership has been particularly keen to keep the winning team in the summer and succeed. Only 4 players left LA. Gáborík also extended the treaty.

“He is the player you believe he will fit. His commitment to prolong my career with hard training makes me happy. Check out what he has done since Teemu Selänne’s 32-year-olds, it’s something incredible, “said LA Dean Lombardi, general manager for

“Marian is a similar case because he found it was not all about glory and money, but about the winning spirit,” he added.

The Slovak hockey player understood an attack with the center of Anja Kopitarom.He has been in the club for many years now, twice winning Canadian play-off points and in both seasons he has begun his team to win the Stanley Cup final.

In the upcoming season, these two hockey players can again create a great attack. “We both enjoy one-touch passes. We try to play it this way and it works. Marian’s speed gives me a little more space on the ice, which I always like to use, “Reuters told Reuters before the final season of the season.

But the competition will want to win multiple teams. Boston Bruins, who won the NHL base in the past year, is one of the favorites. In the play-off, however, Boston was quite unexpected in the second round and after the season, great changes were expected.But they did not come yet.

The club’s general manager, Peter Chiarelli, signed multi-player contracts from the previous team over the summer. “I think we have a very high quality team for the play-off. Young players are still improving, which increases the strength of the whole team, “Chiarelli told

“I’m really looking forward to the squad, but as a manager, I’m going to want to improve it. I was indecisive to do something strenuous, but what I plan to fix, “he added.

Great expectations are placed in Boston by Louie Eriksson, who should replace Jaromir Iggin in the second formation. He left the club to Colorado Avalanche.By David Krejci and Milano Lucica, Eriksson could show off his shooting skills.

“Clearly, there are two great hockey players. In the last season, I’ve played two matches with them and it was good. We will see how it will work during the preparatory games, I will also show a lot of training, “confirmed the Swedish wand for Since his arrival from Dallas he has not yet appeared in the best light. The reason was two brain shakes.

“He is not a novice, and he knows. Expectations are great, on the other hand, I understand what you’ve been through. That’s one of the reasons why he did not play the hockey we all want, “Chiarelli said.

But the strongest in the league will be Boston on the posts of the goalie.Tukka Rask belongs to the NHL goalie ellite and will be helped by Niklas Svedberg and Malcolm Subban.

“I can see a healthy sequence on the goalie that gives Malcolm a similar space to Tim Tosh in Boston and Tukka Rask. Niklas took responsibility two years ago as a unit of the Providence farm team and now comes to Malcolm, “said Boston general manager Assistant Donald Sweeney. Defense will again be led by Slovakian Zdeno Chara.

Chicago Blachawks, who defended the title of last year, will also be strong. According to, this club had a good second-round playoff at every year when he fought Stanley’s Cup.

In 2010, Patrick Sharp excelled in it and Michal Handzus three years later.However, the Slovak Center did not play well in the past season, so Chicago did not extend the contract.

“We really understand, our families have been friends and have visited. I’m sorry she is leaving, but that’s a hockey life. Michal also won the cup last year, “Marián Hossa told the Sport Spokesman.

Handzuch’s place was filled by Chicago’s General Manager Bowman Brad Richards. He signed an annual contract with him. He started training during the summer training with Patrick Kane.

“His arrival gives us more opportunities to operate with formations.There is always room for improvement in the center and the strength of our team has increased in this post, “said Joel Queneville, coach of the Canadian Center for

The Stanley Cup chances were also increased by extending contracts with Patrick Kane and Johnatan Toews. Both signed contracts for eight seasons.

The big changes came after the failed Pittsburgh Penguins play-off. The team with the two best players in the league (Crosby – Malkin) has not been able to fight in the 2009 finale after winning its first Stanley Cup in the 17 years.

So before the season, the club changed the coach and general manager. Immediately after dropping out, coach Dan Blysm was replaced by Mike Johnston.He immediately met Captain Sidney Crosby, who did not go to surgery for the wounded wrist during the summer.

“We did not talk much about his injuries. I was much more interested in how she felt, what was the situation in the team and how the team worked. I had to talk to him that way. Although I have previously known him, we have never been deeper than that, “Pittsburgh’s new coach told

Johnston also met the next star of the team. Yevgeniya Malkina even visited directly in Russia.’s new trainer’s goal was to remove the barriers between players and coaches that have been created over the past few years.

“It was just about meeting them personally.During pre-season camps, you’ve been in contact with a lot of people, and during the summer it’s been a good idea to get these guys better, “a Canadian coach told the He has not played a single match in the NHL, but he has already worked as a coach assistant in Vancouver and Los Angeles.

Pittsburgh also left General Manager Ray Shero, replaced by Jim Rutherford. His arrival meant major changes in the cabin. The club left eight players at the helm of elite invaders such as James Neal and Jussi Jokinen. On the other side of the team came six players, including two Germans Christiano Ehrhoff and a goalie Thomas Greiss.

However, Pittsburgh’s rewards will again depend on Crosby, Malkin, Letang and Marco-Andre Fleury.If everyone is healthy, according to they should not miss the final.