The fall of the ruble player in the KHL disregarded. They earn what they have in contracts

Social. Despite the deteriorating exchange rate of the Russian ruble against the US dollar and euro comes to indexation of salaries players in the KHL. They agreed to club officials at a meeting in Sochi, which had to set out the future direction of competition. The falling ruble consider several legionnaires termination of cooperation with Russian clubs.

“It is the economic measure which was signed by representatives of all teams. On what basis could Legionaries leave? Each has a valid contract in which the penalties for its completion. When the contract ends, the player can leave . Anyone may request termination of the contract.The euro rate is not an avalanche that should trigger wage changes, “said KHL Vice President Dmitry Kurbatov,” Keeping current contracts. “The hockey players will win this season with the wages they have in the contracts. What is important is that clubs are committed to complying with existing contracts and will not come to any domino effect so that everyone tries to solve the situation individually. It is a demonstration of unity and understanding, “said KHL President Dmitry Chernyshenko, who also issued an initiative to change the names of draft and scouting to Russian words.Define their wants, together with the media.

KHL calendar already preparing for next season. The competition may start in August and in contrast to the current respecting deadlines Association International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF). More matches

“Clubs have agreed to an increased number of matches and hosting national and breaks. Therefore League starts earlier, possibly as early as August.The exact breakdown is not yet known, “said KHL, and Vice President of SKA St. Petersburg, Roman Rotenberg.

The competition should return to a model where everyone meets with each other and within a division or conference

“KHL is a well-developed product that has been developed by the KHL, But can still increase its value. We keep the rules – strong league, strong representation.We would like to work on the image of the league, have a contest fifteen stars, who would know the whole country, “said Černyšenko.

At the meeting, representatives of clubs with leadership KHL said the general manager of Jokerit Jari Kurri, who informed low attendance at matches in the Finnish capital.