Joshua is the star of the future. The boxers’ war ended superHAK!

Boxing’s shit has shaken Brittany. Clearly the most difficult match in professional career of Anthony Joshua. His former amateur dweller, Dillian Whyte, gave him a job. But the bigger show was for the audiences who made it clear all the time, who was their favorite. They waited, in the seventh round, Joshua sent his opponent to the ground. He confirmed that he deserves the sign he was notified when he arrived in the arena. The superstar of the future!

The bloodshed of two rivals was worth it. The forces of both British bosses were balanced, which was a major surprise for all viewers. They expected a classic quick win of their favorite. But that did not happen.Dillian Whyte was a great boxer, he was dynamic and strenuous, and he has made Anthony Joshua so far the toughest test in the profi ring.

Estimating the winner during the match was a blasphemy. In the seventh round, however, Joshua managed a stroke after which Whyte lost control over his knees and resembled a dancing puppet. Joshua immediately knew that a significant moment had come and, with a few quick combinations, he sent his enemy to the ground. While the loser was lying helplessly caught by one arm in the lower rope of the ring, Joshua raised his hands and in his eyes was the most enthusiastic of the winning he had ever seen.

VIDEO | Look at the ruthless duel Joshua vs. Whyte

“Great, great, great! There was a street battle.It was difficult for me, but I just need it, “said the enthusiastic winner who scored 15th in the 15th match. “There have been mistakes I can not take with myself at the highest level. Dillian was perfect at this moment. “

Show from the very beginning. While Joshua entered rapper Stormzy’s singing ring, Whyte picked out the wolf after announcing and chose the central song of Jelly for his advent.

And then it came. After the first round, a ruthless strike required intervention by the security guard. Dillian Whyte continued his strike even after the first round was off.

The Battle of London had a style that needed a heavy weight. A box needs such heroes as Anthony Joshua.