In Trenčín they spent 336 criminal minutes in the preparation of juniors

“We played our game when we attacked our rival straight on the head of Oliver Pataky, and that’s how it all started, we fight as a team, and this is also true in such situations – when one is beating, the other helps him,” he said A match from the 50th minute on the club site Dukly player Dominik Novák. They jumped to each other

After the second scraw was followed by the third one, which provoked after the defeat of the home Filip Vatrt

“It was planned. They juggled in us and wagged. Philip wanted to show up, to be kidnapped and it was great. We are proud of him. He’s here for the test, so he showed at least what he is in. Thinking who wants what he wants, we’re just trying to show that we do not let ourselves jump around the head.It was hard, but we have to play the whole season so we can respect our opponents, “added Dukly Dominik Novák for the site.

In the extralige, the referees have already dealt more minutes in the match. In 2013, the main arbitrators Juraj Konc and Peter Lokšík distributed a total of 476 criminal minutes (Poprad 231, Košice 245) in the sixth quarter of Tipsport extra-league between Poprad and Kosice (3: 0) in 2013.

They have been especially involved in the last 51 seconds of third-thirds, in which there was a lot of nervousness and two mass battles on the ice. Popradčani received 217 penalties in them, Košice still 12 more. In the meantime, they have given home 7 and guests 8 two-minute penalties.The record is KHL

The world record in the number of penalties holds a match between Czech and Omsk in January 2010, which the referees have finished after less than 4 minutes of play. In the afternoon, a few battles broke out, resulting in an extraordinary situation when none of the opponents had enough players.

Overall, the arbitrators gave 607 penal minutes. The NHL holds a record of the Ottawa-Philadelphia Battle of March 2004 (419 minutes). But overseas, in statistics compared to Europe, there are differences in the record and time of the higher penalties to the end of the duel.